Validation Programmes

We have a long history of running multiple vehicles simultaneously through an intensive programme of mileage accumulation. Putting miles onto vehicles is essential in bringing new products to market successfully, as it helps to expose any weaknesses prior to production and release to customers.

Despite the many automated mileage accumulation services available to you, such as rolling-road rig testing, over the last two decades we have proven that there is no replacement for putting real miles onto vehicles on the road.

Below are a small selection of example projects we have previously worked on with other OEM's and manufacturers. For more information on these projects or to make an enquiry please contact a member of our team.

Software validation


We work very closely with one UK OEM in the south of England, and have been testing with them for the last five years to develop a range of sport-cars. A large proportion of our on-going testing with them is software validation. For example, we are often running up to six cars simultaneously on site, ensuring all vehicles are run through specific road, track and static mileage cycling.

Our responsibilities

Software updates, downloading data loggers, recording faults and identifying triggers. Detailed feedback is an important part of the drivers responsibilities for this project, and our team have proven well equipped for this task with details being fed directly back into engineering meetings on-site.

80,000km mixed durability programme


A test comprising a specific durability profile of mixed road routes combined with proving-ground running on a high performance mid-engine vehicle for a major UK manufacturer. The objective of the test was to prove out US market legislative requirements on catalyst ageing.

Our responsibilities

Measuring brake pad, disc and tyre wear, routine servicing together with detailed recording of all malfunctions, adjustments and component changes. By liaising with local emissions testing laboratories at Ricardo and Mira we also carried out routine emissions testing inline with the test schedule set out by the manufacturer.

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