Component and Vehicle System Tests

Whether you need to test a specific component or an entire system, vehicle testing is an essential part of developing cars and bringing new automotive products to market. We have plenty of experience in all aspects of vehicle testing enabling us to work with you to achieve your targets.

Below are a small selection of example projects we have previously worked on with other OEM's and manufacturers.

Clutch testing and evaluation


An intensive piece of work for a Midlands based OEM developing a front-engine, two-door coupe. Five different clutch materials were fully evaluated through back-to-back manufacturer specified procedures. The clutches were run through a series of tests and the results fed back directly into the engineering team.

Our responsibilities

Carrying out testing at proving grounds, recording all data using detailed report forms and report writing. In addition, we were tasked with preparing the vehicles with instrumentation and new components prior to each test, followed by stripping and recording the wear on components post-test.

Brake evaluation programme


A component specific project to compare cold performance and fade resistance on ten variants of brake pad, disc and caliper on a performance sports-coupe.

Our role

Instrumentation was used to measure pedal effort, deceleration and brake temperatures. Our report included objective performance data together with subjective ratings for function and refinement; enabling the manufacturer to select the best specification for production.

New vehicle demonstrator fleet preparation


A major project comprising over 170 luxury 4x4 SUV vehicles processed in five months, using two shifts per day and over 100 of our specialist drivers. Vehicles required running-in over a mixture of road route and proving ground regimes, followed by full acceleration and maximum speed measurements.

Our role

We provided a complete turn-key service to support the launch of this vehicle from a world-renowned manufacturer. Responsibilities included assembly and training of the Project Team, development of all operating procedures and compilation of individual vehicle history files and rework lists.

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